17 22 dating

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“He has been letting his friends know that he is down to see what Taylor is all about.

He likes her music and thinks she is sexy so he is telling friends he is curious what it would be like to have Taylor Swift as a girlfriend.” So what is Zac going to do about these ideas? “Sometime soon, when his busy schedule slows down, he just might ask her out,” the insider revealed. Zac and longtime GF Sami Miro split in early 2016, so we would love to see him with someone new now that he’s had time to get over it.

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“He has been taking it all in stride and while he has met Taylor at several events over the years, they have yet to take their friendship to the romantic level.” However, these reports have gotten his gears turning and he’s starting to imagine what a relationship with the “Bad Blood” singer might actually be like.

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