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Sharp Image / Mint Measures to control HIV in India include educating truck drivers or sex workers in safe sexual practices.But this global study of the US government’s National Institutes of Health, or NIH, targeted places or hot spots such as market areas in China and bars in India where sexual networks converge and negotiate.The sessions teach opinion leaders to counter excuses such as “Oh, but we all are going to die one day,” or “Sex is not enjoyable with a condom.”“During the sessions, we don’t tell our trainees how they should conduct their sexual life but merely say that if they are engaging in sex with multiple partners, then they should do it in a way that is safe,” says A. According to an early analysis of the study that is to be published before the end of this year, the incidence of transmission has dropped, reflecting increased condom usage along with moderate drinking practices.“We are currently investigating the impact of improving the ambience of a wine shop,” says Srikrishnan.

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They say that Chennai is the only metro in the city where a dedicated place for sex workers has not been created.

In Mumbai there is Red Light area and in Kolkatta there is a place called Sonagachi. "We are subjected to untold humiliation by the police.

Gunavathi (name changed), says she likes this profession very much and she cannot do any other work. I feel if only the government establishes an exclusive place for our work it will minimise our hardships.

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