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She arrived on the Nexus, the game's new Citadel-esque central hub space station, which made the journey to Andromeda alongside the four ark ships piloted by the Milky Way races.

Described as independent and fast-talking, Peebee left the Nexus to travel alone.

Mass Effect Andromeda takes the bold step of leaving behind an entire galaxy of characters in favour of a fresh start and all-new faces. You'll likely know the basics already - you play as either Scott or Sara Ryder, twins whose look, backstory and names are all customisable.

Their dad, Alec, will also appear - his appearance will adapt to any changes you make.

This time around, with Vetra, you'll have a permanent female turian on your squad for the first time.

Like Drack, it's unclear at what point Vetra will join your party, but she is also on your crew by the time you confront Sloane Kelly.

Mass Effect Andromeda features three new races: the angara, seen above; the kett, an antagonistic race which view humans as invaders; and the ancient, spidery Remnant, of which very little has been revealed.

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