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The gateway also broadcasts voice and text messages on linked modules approximately every 10 minutes to indicate gateway link status for that module.The text message will scroll across your radio display as "Linked to REF001 C".Now here is the challenging part: there are two ways callsign routing is handled. ICOM's method works, but updates do not propagate through the network very quickly.


What this means for us is that if you use callsign routing on a gateway running irc DDB, and the party you are calling is also on a gateway running irc DDB, chances are very good you will hear each other and be able to carry on a QSO, even if you move between irc DDB-enabled gateways.

On gateways running the ICOM method you may not be satisfied with the results, especially if moving between gateways.

"Reflectors" are special gateways that "reflect" DV traffic back to all linked gateways for rebroadcast locally.

This way all linked gateways hear all traffic from all of the gateways connected to the reflector. Currently there are more than 40 reflectors worldwide.

The repeater will reply with a "Remote System Linked" message. When you are ready to drop the link, key up on your Unlink memory. To find out how the DV modules are linked, set URCALL to _ _ _ _ _ _IX (I for Info; Six spaces before the IX). After you unkey, the gateway will play a string of audio files indicating how the current module is linked, such as: "Module Bravo, Linked to Reflector 0 0 1 C".

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