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We explored how African American youth perceived and responded to examples of gendered violence portrayed in vignettes and musical lyrics.

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During a layover in Chicago, the two decided to go home and try to get sober on their own.

However, Betsy did go to treatment after her family held their defenses.

Additionally, the secondary addict sometimes promises to seek treatment to get the primary to have treatment, only to back out once the primary departs (example: Paul, stepfather of Oxy Contin addict Ryan from Season 3, tells Ryan that he intends to seek help for his drinking problem, but later backs out of going to rehab himself, though he does quit drinking independently).

In situations where the circle has become codependents, or are otherwise traumatized by the addict's behavior, the interventionist usually recommends that the entire seek counseling to enable them to move on.

Jack Maguire, Jr., Abington: Maguire scored 24 points in a losing effort against Mashpee on Friday.

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