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The con artist's girlfriend, Joan, then contacts Kimble by pretending to know the whereabouts of the one-armed man hoping Kimble will go to a place they say he is so the police can arrest him.

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Eckhardt had been reluctant to testify for Kimble but upon meeting him - and seeing the man genuinely needs his help - agrees to testify.

Unbeknownst to them, a convict in prison for drug dealing comes forward as a witness and reveals to Gerard that he used to sell heroin to Eckhart and that Eckhardt was on his way to see him that night to buy some drugs...

which is enough for Gerard to discredit Eckhardt's testimony.

When Donna, and her lawyer Burt Green learn of this, Donna must contact Eckhardt to have him stop Kimble from turning himself in.

He encounters a wounded man who, at gunpoint, forces our hero to take him to the nearest cabin and care for him.

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