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He was on his way to the studio and traveling with friends. He still has a scar by his left eye that goes all the way around to the back of his head.

There's a small dent in his head, and some of his hair hasn't grown back yet.

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I wanted them to know that I went to jail, I wanted them to know that I got in the accident, but I still wanted them to have fun.

It was summertime, people wanna go to the clubs, they wanna party." Cassidy's second single, "Innocent Man," features an unbelievable — unbelievable as in where did he find him?

"It was a crazy rap," he said about the first song he wrote coming off the hip-hop disabled list.

"Actually, I think I put it out on a mixtape or something, but everyone was impressed.

The bullets they found were the same as the bullets in the house and in the bag." Cassidy admits that the bullets the police found in his house belonged to him.

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